Mixed Breed Chicks for Sale

This is my son Samuels first business project!  I bought him an incubator for his 8th birthday and we had great success in hatching our home bred eggs, with approx 90% success with the eggs we put into the incubator! 

First Cross from our pure bred White Silkie, Light Sussex, buff and black Bantem.  The chicks are very healthy with beautiful markings white or beige body's with grey wings and backs.

The parents are good egg layers of small very tasty eggs much better than any you can get in the shops.

These chicks are ideal for anyone setting up a smallholding or back yard garden chicken run.  Bantams are very friendly if handled regular and are small enough for children to feel confident with.

The chicks are youngsters from 1 - 4 months old it is not possible to say if  they will be male or female at this stage.  Priced at £3.50 each.

We are based in Stanley, Wakefield , West Yorkshire which is 1.5 miles toward Wakefield from junction 30 on the M62. WF3 4AD

Please ring Victoria on 01924 870568 or 07976 898430 or email  vicky@samuelleach.co.uk  or sam@samuelleach.co.uk for more details. Thanks